What is a fire statement?

A fire statement is a document that outlines the safety factors and obligations for a future project. It also includes the strategies that will be used to ensure that these fire safety requirements are met.

Officials often use the fire safety statement as supporting evidence when discussing fire safety issues related to land use planning.

In order to ensure fire safety within buildings, developers must now adhere to a new requirement. They are obligated to present a fire statement to local authorities for verification and approval.

This updated regulation aims to confirm that appropriate fire safety measures have been integrated during the planning phase of any pertinent construction project.

Whats included in the fire statement.

The completion of the fire statement needs to be done on a specific form that has been authorized by the Greater London Authority – London Plan, since it is an official document.

It is essential that the form be accurately filled out, addressing the specific details mentioned and referenced within it.

Examples of information that can be included are:

  • Incorporated into every structure within the proposed development are the principles, concepts, and methods relevant to fire safety.
  • Consideration has been given to the arrangement of the site.
  • Arrangements have been made to ensure emergency vehicles can access the premises and adequate water supplies are available for firefighting needs.
  • Any consultation conducted regarding fire safety concerns in the development has been taken into account and appropriate actions have been implemented.
  • Furthermore, the fire safety policy outlined in local development documents has been taken into consideration.

The incorporation of detailed information should not aim to substitute the fire safety data provided during the building control application process.

Its purpose is not to replicate or demand adherence to building regulations or the Fire Safety Order.#

The significance of fire statements – why do they matter?

Developers, architects, and other stakeholders submit a Fire Statement during the application stage to prioritise fire safety for the building and its future inhabitants.

The building’s design and construction ensure that important fire safety measures like a Fire Safety Plan, Fire Escape Route, and Fire Evacuation Plan are included.

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