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External Wall Fire Risk Assessment

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Fire Risk Assessment of External Walls

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PAS 9980 Surveys London

We’re a team of local fire engineers, safety inspectors, and consultants that performs PAS 9980 surveys in London and nearby areas. These surveys are fire risk assessments of external walls, commonly known as FRAEWs. Our clients include architects, building managers, and property owners, and they require surveys to know whether the external walls pose a fire risk. We assess risk factors in the context of the building’s occupancy and current fire strategy. This allows us to view the situation from a pragmatic and holistic perspective. Our team firmly believes in making proactive changes to prevent excessive damage later on.

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The standard for FRAEWs laid out in the PAS 9980 only applies to multi-storey, multi-occupied residential buildings, such as blocks of flats. Moreover, the framework is designed to conduct a structured appraisal of fire risk. It gives our team of experts to be pragmatic when making decisions.

The code of practice offers a complete five-step approach based on which we perform the survey. It involves

  1. Assessing the need for a complete appraisal,
  2. Gathering information
  3. Grouping risk factors
  4. Determining how these groups affect the overall fire risk
  5. Providing an outcome by comparing the analysis with the benchmarking criteria

After the PAS 9980 survey, our team gives a low, medium, or high-risk rating for the external wall. We also outline specific recommendations that clients can follow to improve safety measures.

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Want to know how we can help? The PAS 9980 code of practice states that the assessment should be conducted by a competent and responsible person. That’s us! Our team of professional experts can conduct a comprehensive fire risk appraisal of the external walls. We offer quick responses, indemnity insurance, and a free quote to our clients to ensure the utmost satisfaction.

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PAS 9980 Surveys
PAS 9980 Surveys
PAS 9980 Surveys

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