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What To Know About FRAEW (Fire Risk Assessment of External Walls)

Our company performs fire risk appraisals of external walls, commonly known as FRAEW, in London and surrounding neighbourhoods. But what is FRAEW, and why is it important?

As the name implies, it’s an assessment of a building’s external walls to determine whether it poses a greater fire risk. If there are such factors, assessors provide recommendations on how building managers can alleviate them. It’s carried out by trained professionals who use the latest PAS 9980:2022 code of practice as developed by the BSI (British Standards Institution).

Teams of fire engineers, safety inspectors, and other professionals can conduct the FRAEW for multi-storey residential buildings. The FRAEW isn’t needed in all blocks of flats – especially where there’s a low risk due to fire spread. In these buildings, we first conduct a screening using the PAS 9980:2022 methodology to know whether or not a complete appraisal is needed.

Performing FRAEW (Fire Risk Assessment of External Walls) As Per PAS 9980 

The PAS 9980:2022 was introduced as a way to evaluate the cladding and façades on a building. It contains the methodology based on which we perform the FRAEW. There’s a 5-step process involved, during which our team gathers evidence, looks at existing groups of risk factors, and determines the influence that they have on overall risk.

After conducting the assessment, we rate the risk using the criteria provided in the code of practice. The three outcomes are low risk, medium risk, and high risk. A high risk refers to an unacceptable situation that justifies significant remediation.

In contrast, a low risk is when the condition of the external wall cladding is acceptable and can remain as it is. Of course, there are cases when the situation is classified as a medium risk due to a higher risk of fire spreading. A medium risk also indicates that further efforts, such as fire testing, are required to understand the risk.

Why the FRAEW (Fire Risk Assessment of External Walls) Is Important 

Due to changes in the 2021 Fire Safety Act, external walls of buildings should be included in the overall fire risk assessment. Consequently, our team of assessors uses its expertise regarding the material and construction to satisfy the assessment statute.

Conducting a FRAEW is crucial because it determines the risk that occupants face in the event that a fire spreads through the external walls. It also helps assessors decide which measures will be effective in mitigating existing risks. The PAS 9980 applies in situations where there’s a suspected fire risk due to combustible materials used in external cladding.

Performing a FRAEW according to the PAS 9980 is important because it improves fire safety without resorting to disruptive and costly methods. Of course, competence is necessary for conducting an effective fire risk appraisal. It’s why the code of practice comments on the experience and knowledge required to undertake a fire risk assessment. Our team is trained to understand how building materials used in cladding react to fire and have in-depth knowledge regarding their fire performance.

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