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The Accountable person must provide a safety case that shows their efforts to recognize, handle, and alleviate potential fire and structural risks, as well as explains how they are dealing with these risks. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and government consultation documents are helpful resources for further guidance. See links on the page for more info
Our expertise and perspectives as professionals in this field have helped us develop a comprehensive guide for the essential components of a safety case. It’s worth noting that this list is not all-encompassing

What is included –

Building General information

  • The location of the building
  • Building height
  • How many storeys
  • The number of flats
  • Refurbishment information (which are really key)
  • Information regarding the construction and its materials
  • fire prevention information
  • Information regarding structural safety
  • Services and utilities within a building (such as water, gas, electric etc..)
  • Property compliance & maintenance detail, dates, programmes and the protocols in place
  • Emergency planning & safety management system

Residence engagement

  • Main elements of the resident engagement strategy?
  • What specifics are being used in the building?

Detailed info resident profiles

  • More info about who the residents are
  • Any additional measure to cater for
  • Any weaknesses

Building Fire Risk Assessment – Legal requirement

  • Understand situations where fire can spread across multiple compartments on a single floor, what contingencies will be in place, how do you address these scenarios.

Create a action plan at the end of the safety case

  • As you navigate through the information provided, there will likely be tasks that require attention at a later time, as well as gaps in knowledge or the requirements for further examinations and assessments.
  • Create a plan of action by gathering all the necessary steps, resulting in a dynamic document that requires periodic review and updates.
  • The safety case for a building can span more than 30 pages, based on the complexity of the building, after incorporating and consolidating all the relevant information.
  • Storing all the information pertinent to a safety case within the ‘Golden Thread’ is crucial. Hence, it is imperative to determine the exact location for both physical and digital storage of all the data


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